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Harrier 3D 46


    Seagull Model's Almost-Ready-To-Fly Harrier 3D ARF performs

perfect harriers and other 3D maneuvers all at an affordable price


MAP Price


                                                      Product Number: SEA3025

                                  ARF                                          IN STOCK NOW!


The newest release from Seagull is the Harrier 46 ARF. This sensational almost-ready-to-fly airplane is priced for pilots on a reasonable budget. It is constructed from the same high-quality balsa found in more expensive ARFs and covered in genuine Hangar 9 red transparent and yellow transparent UltraCote for a professional finish. The intricate cockpit detail and included pilot figure add a realistic scale-like touch.

Wingspan - 48.4 inches ~ Length - 57 inches

          Flying Weight - 5.5 - 6.5 pounds

Engine options - 2 stroke - .46 - .52  Engine options - 4 stroke - .52 - .72

Harrier 3 D 90


Harrier 3D 90


UltraCote covering
Top-quality balsa-and-ply construction
Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
Excels at solid harriers with no wing rocking
Capable of extreme 3D performance
Wing Span: 60.5 in
Overall Length: 66 in
Wing Area: 948.4 sq in
Flying Weight: 7-8 lb
Engine Size: .61-1.00 2-stroke, .91-1.10 4-stroke
Radio: 4 channels
Servos: 6

MAP Price


Product Number: SEA3000


Budget-minded modelers looking for high-performance 3D handling will want to look into Seagull’s new Harrier 3D .90 ARF. Covered in genuine UltraCote® and built from top-quality balsa and plywood similar to that found in Hangar 9® planes, the Harrier 3D can easily perform both sequence and 3D-style aerobatics. In fact, it performs all 3D maneuvers quite easily. Solid harriers without wing rocking are a breeze (after all, it is called the Harrier 3D .90!), but the plane’s effortless performance with blenders, rolling circles and especially torque rolls allows pilots to develop their aerobatic skills.



Big aerobatic fun for little budgets!


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee—in 3D! The U-Can-Do 3D ARF whisks you into incredible 3D maneuverability with almost no effort or waiting! Hovering, knife edge, inverted flightU-Can-Do 46—both traditional and non-traditional flight attitudes are well within its sweeping performance envelope.

  • Available in a large, stable 60-size version or a sporty, easy-to-transport .46-size model.

  • Flight-ready in 8 hours...or less!
  • Constructed using the finest materials—premium-grade wood, durable fiberglass and Top Flite® MonoKote® covering.

  • Large control surfaces allow the U-Can-Do 3D ARF to maneuver in ways most pilots would never imaU-Can-Do 60gine.

  • Dual aileron and elevator servos give the strong, quick response necessary for extreme 3D maneuvers.

  • Challenges the veteran pilot with the throws maxed—provides the first-time low-wing pilot with a smooth, steady flier with reduced throws.

Astonish Onlookers with Wild 3D Feats!

U Can Do .46  GPMA1269     MAP Price            $149.99  ARTF

U Can Do .60  GPMA1270     MAP Price          $179.99  ARTF


Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF

Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF

The "big easy" in 3D aerobatics!

Now going to the extreme has never been so easy...or so eye-catching! The Giant U-Can-Do 3D ARF lets you spread your wings into large-scale aerobatics, with IMAA-legal dimensions that make it a breeze to keep sight of — while also creating a “WOW!” factor among fellow fliers. And don‘t let its size fool you: this model is surprisingly maneuverable, with aerobatic capabilities that will challenge even veteran 3D pilots!

  • Constructed of the finest materials — quality wood, durable fiberglass and genuine Top Flite MonoKote covering.

  • For attachment ease at the field, the wing panels slide into an aluminum joiner tube, and are held in place with nylon bolts.

  • Almost all servos are mounted externally, for ease of installation and strong, quick response.

  • Large control surface deflections make for a wide range of aerobatic capability. Explore mixing combinations for even more 3D fun!

U Can Do .120 - 160  GPMA1271   MAP Price   $319.99  ARF



Kyosho Flip 3D 40 ARF

Manufacturer: Kyosho
Product Number: KYO 11141
Don't push the envelope – shred it! Pilots who want to push their own limits need a plane that has none — a good description of Kyosho's Flip 3D ARF. Created by 2-time F3A World Champion Christophe Paysant-Le-Roux, it's designed to showcase piloting skills and to transport the adventurous ace to the outer limits of aerobatic excess. And to make sure it's a short, fast trip to the field, the Flip 3D is extensively prebuilt, factory-covered and equipped with a generous supply of hardware and accessories.
  • Flight-ready in just one weekend! Factory-framed and professionally covered. Includes landing gear, tires and installed linkages and fuel tank.

  • Light, strong balsa airframe optimizes the power-to-weight ratio — and blindingly fast, powerful response.

  • Glides off the runway in 30 feet at half-throttle — leaps! into the air in half that distance on demand.

  • Huge wing area supports ultra-slow stunts — shows no tendency to tip stall or drop a wing at low speed or high angles of attack.

  • Incredibly versatile! Delivers motionless hovers and inverted high-speed passes with equal ease — and offers torque rolls and hammerheads for encores.

  • Tracks true and responds with precision. Offers huge control surfaces for quick, decisive maneuvering muscle — and dual aileron servos for two-per-second rolls!

  • The trim scheme — a Paysant-Le-Roux original — grabs the eye with bold bursts of bright colors!

59 in (1500mm)
Wing Area:
930 sq in (60dm2)
49.5-5.5 lb (2200-2500g)
Wing Loading:
12.1-13.6 oz/sq ft (37-42g/dm2)
59 in (1490mm)

Kyosho Flip 3D .40  KYO 11141   Price  $229.99  ARF




Showtime 4 D .90

Removable Side Force Generators allow remarkable 3D performance

Designed by world-class aerobatic pilot Mike McConville

Perfect for popular new artistic aerobatics

Easy-to-transport 2-piece wing and stabilizer

Extremely lightweight laser-cut all-wood construction

Covered in exclusive Hangar 9 UltraCote

Carbon-fiber main landing gear and tail wheel

Factory-assembled fuel tank

Showtime 4 D .90   HAN2800   MAP Price  $259.99  ARF

Call for SPECIAL Pricing!

Artistic aerobatics is an increasingly popular form of aeromodeling expression that awes audiences with its mixture of show stopping aerial maneuvers and dramatic musical accompaniment. To keep up with the intricate maneuvering involved in artistic aerobatics, a special airplane is needed.
Enter Hangar 9's new ShowTime 4D 90 ARF, a unique Mike McConville design equipped with innovative new SFG Technology—removable Side Force Generators that provide extra rudder authority and control to help perform a virtually limitless display of extreme 3D and precision aerobatics. These Side Force Generators attach to the middle of each wing and generate the necessary lift at low angles of sideslip to excel at slow knife-edge flight. They can be removed in seconds and flown without, as well as to make storage and transportation of the ShowTime convenient.

Also contributing to the ShowTime's extraordinary performance is its lightweight laser-cut all-wood construction, making the plane very easy to control. The carbon fiber landing gear is much lighter than aluminum, yet quite durable and provides plenty of strength for rough landings. The plane looks incredible in its colorful UltraCote trim scheme, and the wide variety of engines such as Saito's FA-100 and Evolution's 1.00NX ensures every pilot will find one that’s right for him. It's the greatest "Show" on Earth—the ShowTime 4D 90 ARF from Hangar 9.

What are SFG's?
By Mike McConville
The short answer is, SFG= Side Force Generators. The longer answer is SFGs are wing-mounted surfaces that enhance the yaw force created by the rudder. While SFGs really aren't a new concept, adding them to the wing of a monoplane to generate extreme rudder power is a new twist.
SFGs aren't hinged control surfaces. They don't move with a servo, and don’t need to. Their position, size and shape, when correct, generate lift in the yaw axis whenever the rudder is moved. This means the "side force" that is normally created by moving the rudder is enhanced….a lot.
SFGs aren’t new. Ever wonder why some biplane designs, such as the Ultimate, have really powerful rudders? The primary reason for this is simply that they have rather wide interplane struts. In addition to providing needed structural integrity, these struts function as SFGs.
Borrowing on that idea, my good friend and aero-genius George Hicks came up with the idea last year to create an electric-powered foamy for the first E-TOC that had super rudder authority. From that idea the now legendary Tensor 4D biplane was born. Owing its super-rudder power to the exaggerated wide interplane struts, the Tensor showed all of us just what wild aerobatics could be achieved by using SFGs. After the Tensor, we experimented with SFGs on various small foam monoplane designs and had similar results to the Tensor.
SFGs open up a new dimension in 3D aerobat­ics. With them, knife-edge flight requires almost no positive fuselage angle. Even very tight knife-edge loops are possible. Flat spins are more like stationary pinwheels. Control in hovering is also greatly improved. The next logical step seemed to be to put them onto a full-blown bigger model and see what would happen. The result is the new Hangar 9 ShowTime 4D. The easiest way to describe the new ShowTime is that pattern plane meets foamy. Very smooth, precise and easy to fly, yet capable of almost unimaginable extreme 3D maneuvers. So, SFG technology may not be a new concept, but when added to the world of 3D aerobatics, they open up a new dimension in extreme flight.


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FUNTANA .40 & .90

Funtana .40


The 3D maneuvers are where the Funtana really shines. It is without a doubt the easiest plane to hover and torque roll that I have ever owned. On the recommended high-rate elevator, waterfalls were a bit of a struggle, but with the elevator set to its mechanical limit, waterfalls are simple and tight. Harriers are easy to enter and exit, and there is very little wing rocking with about 25 percent of flaperon mixed with the elevator. Inverted flat spins are done with elevator and rudder and just a little aileron to keep the wings level. With full deflection on the elevator and a little coaxing, a climbing inverted flat spin is possible. Knife-edge performance is good, and there is some coupling toward the belly. High-rate rolls are blindingly fast and perfectly axial. The ailerons are huge and provide control in any attitude and at any speed. Point rolls can be done with mechanical precision. Snap rolls are predictable and quick, and loops track well. The Saito FA-72 provides enough power to climb out of a hover, but I wouldn’t call it a rocket. All in all, the Funtana is a great-flying model.

Funtana 3D .40   HAN1975   MAP Price  $169.99  ARF

FuntanaS 3D .60-.90 ARF



Funtana 3D .40   HAN2675   MAP Price  $209.99  ARF


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Wing Span: 69.5 in (176.5 cm)
Overall Length: 68.5 in (174 cm)
Wing Area: 1107.8 sq in (71.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 8.1 lb (3.7 kg)
Engine Size: .60-1.00 2-stroke, .90-1.00 4-stroke
Radio: 4 channels
Servos: 6 (5 JRDS9411SA premium digital and 1 throttle servo)
Trim Scheme Colors: HANU872 Bright Yellow, HANU954 Transparent Blue


Goldberg Obsession 3D 1.20 ARF 1.2-1.4,78.75"


Obsession 3D

FEATURES: Construction: Jig built and laser cut balsa and plywood with
oversized double-beveled control surfaces allowing for extreme
control throws
Wings: Two piece jig built with laser cut parts
Covering: Factory applied premium quality covering (white with red,
black, and yellow accents)
Radio Compartment: Plywood reinforced
Cowling: Pre-painted, fiberglass with shark face design
Wheelpants: Pre-painted white, fiberglass construction
Canopy: Tinted polycarbonate construction
Wheels: 3.34" (85mm) diameter foam main wheels & 1" (25mm) tailwheel
Landing Gear: Pre-formed aluminum, pre-painted white
Engine mount: Two piece adjustable, nylon construction
Fuel tank: 24oz. (720cc) 6.75" length, 3.13" width, 2.61" height
Building Time: Ready to fly in several hours.

INCLUDES: One Goldberg Obsession 3-D 1.20-1.40 ARF with pre-built and covered
wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, pushrods, pre-bent main landing
gear, 3.35" (85mm), 1" (25mm) tailwheel, nylon adjustable engine,
mount, 24oz (720cc) fuel tank, wood servo trays, hardware package,
decals, and photo-illustrated instructions

REQUIRES: Engine: 1.20-1.40 cu in (20-23 cc) 4-stroke
Muffler: Standard 4-stroke muffler will work (engine is inverted)
Radio: 6- Channel
Servos: 6-Standard (2-Aileron, 2-Elevator, 1-Throttle, 1-Rudder)
Rudder servo requires at least 70 oz-in of torque
Servo Extension 12": qty. 2 required for aileron servos
Servo Extension 24": qty. 3 required (2 for elevator, 1 for rudder)
Y-Harness: qty. 1 (For aileron servos)
Misc. Items: Glow plug, 1/4" foam rubber padding, medium fuel tubing,
fuel filter, propeller, building and field equipment.

SPECS: Wingspan: 78.75" (2000mm)
Wing Area: 1263 sq in (81.46 sq dm)
Weight: 11.5 - 12.5 lb (5.2 - 5.7 kg)
Wing Loading: Not listed
Length: 83.25" (2115mm)
Airfoil: Fully symmetrical
Center of Gravity: 9-3/8" (238mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
Control Throws- High Rate Low Rate
Elevator: Up & Down All you can get 1" (25mm)
Rudder: Right to Left All you can get 1.5" (39mm)
Ailerons: Up & Down All you can get .5" (14mm)








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