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Dragon Air Filters

For the following Vehicles :        

Revo 2.5 - DR-2174C (Chrome) $49.99

Monster GT - DR-2372B (Blue) $49.99



DR-2171 - Re Charge Kit  $7.99

    DR-611 - Dragon PRE Filter $3.99




The All-in-One On-Board Computer R/C enthusiasts have been waiting for! The Venom Smart Temp includes a Temperature Monitor with peak temp memory, Traditional Radio Fail Safe, Digital Voltmeter and the industry's first Overheat Fail Safe™ with programmable Throttle Limiter. F°/C°.

The Venom Overheat Fail Safe™ is the best way to protect your nitro engine from serious damage that can occur when a nitro engine overheats. Once the overheat temp is set, the VST will constantly monitor engine temperature. In the event the temperature exceeds the set temp, the VST will engage the overheat Fail Safe and limit the percentage of throttle available until the engine temperature drops 5° C (9° F) or more below the set point. After the temp drops below the set point, the
Overheat Fail Safe™ Mode will automatically disengage and return the model to its full operating potential.

Our new Fail Safe unit is now 30% smaller than the original, but with the same great features. Using the Venom Fail Safe is like having an insurance policy on your car, protecting it from signal failure and interference. The units' fail safe setting may be adjusted by the user to any desired servo position.

The Venom Fail Safe plugs directly in line between your Receiver and Throttle Servo. The Fail Safe continually monitors the signal received by your radio and in the event of a glitch or lost communication, the Fail Safe automatically moves the servo to a position that you set, usually Full Brakes or Neutral.

The Venom Fail Safe also has a built-in low voltage cut off at 4.2 volts.

The unit has a small LED light that alerts you whether the Fail Safe kicked in because of low voltage (solid light) or signal failure (flashing light).



FSU-2 Micro Fail Safe Unit

Added peace-of-mind for drivers

FSU-2 Micro Fail Safe Unit

The FSU-2 Micro Fail Safe Unit prevents runaways by automatically throttling back the servo to a pre-programmed setting if the event of interference or low battery voltage.

  • Can be adapted to work with 4.8V (4-cell) or 6.0V (5-cell) voltages.

  • Offers the ease of one-button programming and an LED for status.

  • Unit simply plugs in for quick installation, and works with any scale of R/C car or truck.

Stock Number:
Dimensions: 0.6 x 0.85 x .3 in (15.5 x 21.5 x 7.5 mm)
Weight: .18 oz (5 g)
Includes: 1 switch, 1 LED



75MHz Frequency Checker
main inset

“Who’s on my channel?!”
Find out in under 10 seconds!

75MHz Frequency Checker


The hard way to find out that someone’s on your frequency is to watch your pride and joy go from track master to trashed. The quick and easy way: DuraTrax’s 75MHz Frequency Checker.

Turn it on, and it scans all thirty R/C channels in just 9 seconds and lights up the LED by each frequency in use. Leave it on, and it updates scan information over 6 times a minute, identifying new threats almost as quickly as they occur.

The DuraTrax 75MHz Frequency Checker. Think of it as insurance for your vehicle — and a policy that pays off every time you use it.

  • Simple operation: turn on to use — turn off when done.


  • Quick and comprehensive: scans all 75MHz R/C frequencies in under 10 seconds.


  • Identifies each “in-use” frequency with a glowing LED for easy, at-a-glance awareness of the radio environment.


  • Continues to scan for new threats automatically until it’s turned off.


  • Detects all in-use frequencies within 300 feet — and requires only 3 “AAA” cells.

inset 1 inset 2

Just the size of a credit card, the 75MHz Frequency Checker

is less than 1” thick and easy to slip into a field bag or pocket. Weighs just 2 oz.!

                 Adding the optional external antenna

(DTXP3111) $8.99 increases detection range from 300 feet to 1000

                    feet and your safety margin along with it.


Sullivan TigerDrive Hex Ball Drive Wand w/Alum Adapter

& Sullivan TigerDrive Gear Box Adapter



        $9.99                               From $18.99]

We have a wide variety of TigerDrive Motor Applications!

FEATURES: Replaces stock pull starter for fast easy probe starts from above

Extreme duty bevel gear design Steel plate which attaches to the adapter plate Purple

plastic gear cover German made one-way bearing


Mach .28 with PS SG DYN0890

Mach .28 with PS SG
Dynamite's new Mach .28 engine is the perfect upgrade for any 1/10- or 1/8-scale Buggy or Monster Truck.

  • Fits most 1/8-scale trucks and buggies
  • New 8.5mm carb with Internal Throttle Return Spring (ITRS)
  • Long-lasting ABC piston/sleeve and #4 glow plug included
  • Oversized heat sink cylinder head for maximum cooling

Displacement: .28 cu in (4.57 cc)
Bore: 18.5 mm
Stroke: 17mm
HP: 3hp @28,000 rpm

MAP Price: $154.99 Call for special Intro Price!


Fast Start Nitro Starter PackPart Number: DYN2300

Product Name: Fast Start Nitro Starter Pack
Price: $22.99

  • All in one package
  • 250cc Fuel Bottle with removable spout
  • 1800mah Glow Driver w/170 mah charger
  • 4-Way Glow Plug wrench 5.5,7,8, and 10mm



Programmable Charger, Discharger and Analyzer for Radio System Batteries

As easy as you want —
as versatile as you need!

It's more than the newest Accu-Cycle: it's the best thing to happen to radio batteries in years. It's so well designed that it practically guarantees that NiCd, NiMH — even Lithium-based packs — will receive a full, deep charge and a safe, accurate discharge. At the same time, the Accu-Cycle Elite offers users unprecedented freedom of choice. Modelers can enjoy perfect charging by letting the Auto Smart Set feature calculate many settings automatically, or by creating custom routines for up to 10 packs and storing them in memory.


  • Lithium-pack compatible! Capable of charging and discharging 1-3 cell Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer packs — or peaking,

  • discharging and cycling 1-10 cell NiCd or NiMH packs.

  • Includes the Auto Smart Set feature for amazingly fast, easy and accurate results. Enter battery type, capacity and voltage

  • and the Auto Smart Set automatically calculates safety time-out, charge rate, trickle rate and discharge voltage cut-off. 

  • Prevents overcharging with peak detection for NiCd and NiMH packs and cc/cv detection for Li-based packs, plus safety time-out and optional temperature sensor (HCAP0281) features that work with all three types!

  • Easy-to-follow flow charts are included that show how to manually program charge/discharge/cycle routines for individual packs.

  • Stores routines for up to 10 packs in memory and a wealth of data about each. 

  • Easier to read and understand. On-screen messages feature fewer abbreviations, better explanations and units of measurement

  • with every number — and appear on a big 2-line/16-character LCD!

  • Offers the ability to handle one pack at a time, or two packs simultaneously — even if the packs are of different cell chemistries.

  • AC/DC compatible — ideal for at-home preparation or at-field recharging.

2 year warranty

Stock Number: HCAP0280  MAP $149.99








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