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U.S. M1A1 Abrams™ Diorama-Desert Storm
UNX80105 | SCALE: 1:32

On August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. As a result President George Bush froze both Iraqi and Kuwaiti assets. The United Nations called on Iraq to withdraw immediately and cease hostile actions within the region. Without delay the United States began the planning for Desert Shield which would soon become Desert Storm. M1A1 Abrams is a trademark of General Dynamics Land Systems and is used under license to Unimax Toys Limited.






U.S. M1036 HUMVEE® w/TOW $24.99
UNX91002 | SCALE: 1:32

The transportation workhorse of the modern military, the HUMVEE is versatile, dependable, and highly mobile. The M1036 variant supports a TOW anti-tank missile system. HUMVEE® is a registered trademark of AM General LLC, and is used under license from AM General LLC ©2004. All rights reserved.



U.S. M3A2 Bradley-Operation Baghdad 2003 $32.99
UNX80202 | SCALE: 1:32

The M3A2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is the newest version of the fully tracked, lightly armored fighting vehicle that features many advances over previous variants. New fire control, communication, and identification systems give even more lethality to the mighty fighting vehicle.



U.S. Marine M60A1 Patton Tank w/Reactive Armor $32.99
UNX80009 | SCALE: 1:32

With over 30 years of combat service the M60A1 Patton Tank has seen many improvements. The latest modification featured reactive armor to improve survivability against new missile systems.





U.S. M1A1 Abrams™-Operation Baghdad 2003 $32.99
UNX80205 | SCALE: 1:32

The M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is the most advanced battle tank in the world. The firepower and mobility are unsurpassed. The Abrams is continuously updated with the latest communication gear, improved armament and better IFF recognition. M1A1 Abrams is a trademark of General Dynamics Land Systems and is used under license to Unimax Toys Limited.






U.S. Marines M60A1 Patton Diorama-Desert Storm $45.99
UNX80109 | SCALE: 1:32

On November 8, 1990, as a result of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, President George Bush orders additional deployments to give "offensive option" to U.S. forces. The vital strategic plan of Desert Storm was the famous left hook by U.S. armor sweeping the Iraqi in Kuwait and engaging them at the moment the United States chose.





U.S. M2A2 Bradley $32.99
UNX80002 | SCALE: 1:32

The Bradley is the ultimate troop-carrying partner to the Abrams Battle Tank. The Bradley serves multiple roles and has excellent crew protection capabilities with high mobility and intense firepower.






U.S. M1A1 Abrams™ $32.99
UNX80005 | SCALE: 1:32

The Abrams is the new standard in highly mobile, heavily armored, battle tanks. The M1A1 Abrams is the quickest, most sophisticated, and most lethal battle tank in the world. M1A1 Abrams is a trademark of General Dynamics Land Systems and is used under license to Unimax Toys Limited.





  Iraqi T-72-Operation Iraqi Freedom $29.99
UNX80015 | SCALE: 1:32
The Iraqi T-72 is the latest Russian weapons technology in the Iraqi arsenal. Although fast, durable, and potent with its 125mm gun, the T-72 proved no match for the U.S. Apache Helicopters or M1A2 Battle Tanks.







German King Tiger-Battle of Germany $39.99
UNX80201 | SCALE: 1:32
Known as Königstiger, the German King Tiger was the most powerful battle tank in the German Arsenal. The definitive roar of the engines, the awesome 88MM cannon, and the simple fact that it took 5 Sherman tanks to successfully defeat 1 King Tiger in battle was reason enough for the name King Tiger.
  Russian T-34/85 -Russian Front $29.99
UNX80018 | SCALE: 1:32
In the early battles along the Russian Front the T-32 proved very formidable against the German medium tanks. However, by 1943, the newer German heavy tanks necessitated greater firepower from the Russian arsenal. The T-32 was modified with a heavier armor hull and a more powerful 85 MM gun.
German King Tiger - Normandy $39.99
UNX80001 | SCALE: 1:32
While the Tiger I was a very powerful tank, the German Army’s pursuit of even greater firepower lead to the development of a second generation Tiger, one with a 88MM cannon, 150MM thick front armor, and 80MM side armor. This new Tiger would be forever known as the King Tiger.


German Jagdpanther-Normandy $29.99
UNX80012 | SCALE: 1:32
The initial designs for the Jagdpanther were created in the Fall of 1942. The purpose was to mount a 88MM PaK 43 gun on a self-propelled vehicle. The Panther chassis was chosen and the armored plating configuration was changed. Approximately 420 units were produced in 1944.
German Panzer IV Ausf. F-Russian Front $39.99
UNX80017 | SCALE: 1:32
The Panzer IV was one of the most populace and best engineered medium tanks in the German Army. Many variants were produced but all were derivatives of the original Krupp design. The Ausf. F featured a new turret design, wider tracks, and a 75MM short barrel gun.
  German Panzer IV Ausf. G-Russian Front $39.99
UNX80014 | SCALE: 1:32
The Panzer IV Ausf. G was a continual improvement on the formidable Panzer IV tank. The Ausf. G featured a more powerful & longer barrel 75MM gun that provided a stronger counter to the improved Russian T-34.
German KS 750 Zundapp Sidecar-Russian Front $21.99
UNX82006 | SCALE: 1:32
Approximately 17,000 German Motorcycles with sidecars were manufactured during WWII. Zundapp and BMW were the primary manufacturers and most had common parts. With a top speed of 57 MPH and support of 3 passengers, the KS750 proved very effective for quick and simple transportation.
German Sd. Kfz. 251/1 Hanomag-The Russian Front $29.99
UNX81010 | SCALE: 1:32
Over 15,000 Sd. Kfz. 251 half-track vehicle variants were manufactured during WWII. The 251/1 was designed to transport 10 soldiers, a driver, and commander and could travel at speeds up to 32 MPH.






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