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Over a quarter of a century ago Futaba started providing the most comprehensive radio control product selection and service possible to hobbyists. Futaba systems and products were quickly accepted and acclaimed by flyers, drivers and enthusiasts alike.

Futaba's combination of advanced technology, high performance and reliability and excellent service earned a well-deserved reputation as the industry's finest. Innovations like PCM 1024, high tech manufacturing techniques and high output servo design have justifiably earned Futaba leadership status amongst our competitors.

But for all the engineering and computers and electronic wizardry there is a critical element we feel is just as important. To provide the R/C hobbyist with the best possible equipment to enjoy their hobby we enlist the considerable talents of many top professionals in their individual fields of endeavor. Input by our team of consultants is absolutely invaluable in the design and refinement of our systems.

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Aircraft Radios



                                                    4  EX- FM                                                                             Flagship Model! 14 MHZ!

                                                                Futk40 4EX  R127DF                                                                                                                 $2029.29

                                                              4 S3004 Servos  $145.99

6XA  6YF  4YF

Futj40 4YF Tx Rx 4 S3004 Servos $128.99

Futj63 6YG Tx Rx 4 S3004 Servos $144.99

Futk55 6EXA Tx Rx 4 S3004 Servos $179.99



Futj69 FM Tx Rx 4 S3004  Servos $229.99

Futj70 FM Tx Rx S3151 Digital Servos $259.99


Futj70 PCM Tx Rx S3151 Digital Servos $289.99

9 CA

Futj75 9CAF Tx Rx $339.99

Futj77 9CAP Tx Rx  $389.99

Futj85 9CAF Tx Rx 4 S3004 Servos $389.99

Futj87 9CAP PCM Tx Rx 4 S3001 Servos $439.99



Futj9000 9ZA  Tx Only $814.99

Futj9560 9ZAS Tx RxR309DPS $1199.99

Futj9560 9ZHS Tx RxR309DPS $1199.99


Helicopter Radios


Futk23 Tx Rx 4 S148 Servos $189.99


Futj9100 9ZH Tx Only $814.99


Futk34 Tx Rx 4 S3004 Servos $189.99

Futk32 PCM 4 S3004 Servos



Futj73 FM Tx Rx 4 S3151 Digital Servos $269.99

Futj74 PCM Tx Rx S3151

Digital Servos $299.99


Futj76  9CHF PCM Tx Rx $389.99

Futj78 9CHP PCM Tx Rx $439.99

Futj86 9CHF Tx Rx 4 S3001 Servos $439.99

Futj88 9CHP PCM Tx Rx 4 S9001 Servos $549.99

Surface Radios


Futj32 Rx R203HF No Servos $324.99

Futj33 Rx R113IP No Servos $324.99


Futj34 Rx R133F No Servos $114.99



Futj13 Rx R122 1 S3003 Servo $44.99

Futj14 Rx R122 2 S2003 Servos $46.99


Futj02 Rx R142je 2 Servos (S2003) $64.99

Futaba`s New 2 Channel Computer Radio!

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