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The Thunder Tiger Raptor 50V2 is the single best selling RC helicopter on the market of ANY SIZE OR TYPE - again - in 2004. And once again, as has been the case since the Raptors were released in 1999!



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Blade Holders

Inexpensive blade protectionBlade Holders photo

  • Foam rubber grips provide an extra measure of blade protection that no helicopter flier should be without

  • Holders, available in .30- and .60-sizes, keep main blades fixed and damage-free during storage or transport



Stock Numbers:
HMXE1000 .30-Size Blade Holders
HMXE1005 .60-Size Blade Holders


Training Gear

It's like low-cost heli insurance while you're learning the basics!parts layout pic of Training Gear

  • Gear attaches to heli skids to create a LARGE base for safer landings - heli is much less likely to tip over
  • Consists of a center section that holds four heavy-duty wood dowels, and four sturdy, 2-piece plastic balls that act as "wheels"
  • Also helps stabilize the model in the air, by adding bottom weight that lowers the CG and reduces fuselage "swinging"
  • Can be used on .30- and .60-size helis
  • Disassembles quickly for easy transport to the flying field

Stock Number: HMXE2025

Rotor Blade Tracking Tape

The easy, inexpensive way to monitor heli blade trackingRotor Blade Tracking Tape photo

  • Ideal for checking a heli rotor's tracking, a critical adjustment in increasing performance and heli flying enjoyment
  • Proper tracking reduces vibration and increases heli control
  • Bright red vinyl tape provides a sharp contrast on white blades, producing a red indicator that makes it easy to check to see that both blades are on the same plane
  • Tape is 1/2" (13mm) wide, and comes in a convenient 36 foot (10.8 m) roll

Stock Number: HMXE4710

Replacement Rotor Blades

Wood sport bladesreplacement rotor blades photo

  • Fully symmetrical and pre-weighted, with CG factory matched for your convenience
  • A variety of lengths to fit most .30-size and most .60-size helis
  • 515 mm and 550 mm blades for .30-size machines
  • The 660 mm and 680 mm lengths for .60-size models

Stock Numbers:
HMXE4270 515 mm (20.25") Replacement Blade - White
HMXE4271 550 mm (21.5") Replacement Blade - White
HMXE4272 530 mm (20.9") Replacement Blade - White
HMXE4290 660 mm (26") Replacement Blade - White
HMXE4291 680 mm (26.75") Replacement Blade - White

Micro Piezo Gyro

An extremely compact gyro for improving performanceMicro Piezo Gyro photo

The Micro Piezo Gyro helps modelers get the most out of their machines, and it's economical and easy to use as well. Measuring only 1.1" x 1.1" x 0.6" and weighing only 0.49 oz., it's the smallest single-axis gyro in the world, making it ideal for even the smallest heli models.

  • The piezo-electric crystal element delivers ultra-fast response time and superior precision
  • Features 100% solid-state construction and a durable plastic case

Extremely small, easy to use, and economical too!

Stock Number: HMXM1010

Ball Link Pliers

  • Ball Link Pliers photoHolds metal rods without slipping or scratching - removes and installs plastic ball ends quickly and easily, without damaging either part
  • Tough, box-joint construction offers long-lasting precision

Stock Number: HMXR4860

Ball Link Tool

  • Ball Link Tool photoStainless steel/aluminum tool quickly removes ball links in one easy motion
  • Fits easily in modeler's pocket or field box-perfect for at-the-field adjustments and ball link replacement

Stock Number: HMXR4861


Heli Ball End Tool
Simplifies installation and adjustment of heli ball ends

  • Slotted end of the tool easily grips the heli ball end, with or without a ball
  • Features an enlarged, knurled handle that is comfortable to hold, minimizing finger fatigue
  • Sized to fit most heli ball ends
  • Machined from anodized aluminum

Stock Number: HMXR4859

Crankshaft Lock

  • Crankshaft Lock photoBlack-anodized metal tool with standard glow plug threads locks crankshaft in place without requiring carb or backplate removal
  • Simple to use - glow plug threads out, Crankshaft Lock threads in to hold piston and crankshaft while removing clutch
  • Recommended for .30-.46 size engines only

Stock Number: HMXR4862


Clutch Tool

  • Clutch Tool photoSingle tool removes a Concept 30/60 clutch from ANY engine, regardless of crankshaft size
  • Long handle offers lots of leverage for removal of stubborn clutches

Stock Number: HMXR4864

Drill Jig

  • Drill Jig photoSimplifies plastic-to-metal pivot ball replacement
  • Positions and aligns bit for dead-center drilling through ball
  • Replacing pivot balls allows smoother, more precise performance and longer model life

Stock Number: HMXE4800





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