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 The NEW Sport Series form  JR


All the quality and service of JR at a price that's perfect for sport fliers.

Introducing JR SPORT: a new line of JR radios and accessories for the casual-sport and entry-level flyers! Through a comprehensive development program with JR, we now can offer JR quality to the casual-sport and entry-level customers at prices they're sure to find attractive!

JR SPORT consists of:

  • 6 channel and below radio systems (FM only)

  • Analog servos

  • Silver series extensions

  • Major brand compatible receivers (useable with Futaba, HiTec and Airtronics equipment)

  • JR's most popular AirPacs

JR SPORT delivers all the quality, reliability, performance, service and support you'd expect from JR, at a price that is exactly what you were looking for. .    

JSP14000 S400 4 CH System MD2 - MAP $119.99

JSP14010 S400UL 4 CH System MD2 - MAP $99.99

JSP16000 SX600 6 CH System MD2 - MAP $159.99


JSP40010 UltraLite AirPac FM 2 - SM15 Pos Shift - MAP $87.99

JSP40015 UltraLite AirPac FM 2 - SM15 Neg Shift - MAP $87.99

JSP40020 Universal AirPac 4 - ST47, RS600 w/700 Battery - MAP $99.99

JSP40030 120 AirPac 5 - ST125MG, RS600 w/1500 Battery - MAP $249.99


JSP30600 6 CH Universal FM Receiver - MAP $59.99

JSP30610 6 CH UltraLite Receiver (Pos Shift) - MAP $49.99

JSP30615 6 CH UltraLite Receiver (Neg Shift) - MAP $49.99


JSP20010 SM15 Super Micro - MAP $21.99

JSP20020 SM15 Sub Micro - MAP $18.99

JSP20030 MC35 Micro - MAP $17.99

JSP20040 MN48 Mini - MAP $21.99

JSP20050 ST47 Standard - MAP $9.99

JSP20060 ST47BB Standard ball Bearing - MAP $12.99

JSP20070 MG125 HIGH torque - MAP $33.99

JSP20080 RT88 Retract - MAP $25.99


JSP91010 700 mAh 4.8V Ni-Cd Battery - MAP $14.99

JSP91010 2700 mAh 4.8V Ni-MH Battery - MAP $27.99

JSP91010 1500 mAh 4.8V Ni-MH Battery - MAP $19.99


JSP98010 Standard Switch - MAP $6.99

JSP98020 6" Y Harness - MAP $6.99

JSP98030 12" Servo Extension - MAP $2.99

JSP98040 24" Servo Extension - MAP $3.99

JSP98050 36" Servo Extension - MAP $4.79

JSP98060 Large Servo Arm (2) - MAP $2.49

JSP98070 Micro Servo Arm (2) - MAP $2.49

JSP98080 Standard Servo Arm (2) - MAP $2.49

JSP98100 3' Servo Extension - MAP $2.99

JSP98110 6" Servo Extension - MAP $2.99

JSP98130 Trainer Cord: All JSP - MAP $9.99



QUATTRO 4 channel FM/4-527 servos $149.95

QUATTRO LITE  JRP4487 Rr610ul/2 -241 servos $109.99



XF-421JRP5212 Computer FM, 4-537 servos $179.95


XF-631 JRP6219 FM Computer, 4-537 servos $199.99


XP6102 JRP6644 FM AIR, 4-537 servos $249.99

JRP6664 PCM AIR, 4-537 servos $249.99

XP8103 JRP8617 FM Aircraft, 4-ds537 servos $379.99

JRP8637 PCM Aircraft, 4-ds537 servos $398.99



 JR XP 9303 JRP 9240 9303 Air With No Servos $499.99

                                JRP 9241 9303  With 4 - DS 811 Servos $599.99


PCM 10 X
JRP164TX PCM 10X Aircraft transmitter ONLY with case $799.95

JRP1646 PCM 10X Aircraft 4-8231 servos and case $1249.95


JRP6664 FM HELI 5-537 servos $249.99



JRP8627 FM HELI, 4-ds537 servos $379.99

JRP8647 PCM HELI, 4-ds527 servos $398.99.



 JR XP 9303 JRP 9250 9303 Heli With No Servos $499.99

                                JRP 9251 9303  With 4 - DS 811 Servos $599.99




PCM 10 X JRP165TX Transmitter ONLY with case $799.95

JRP1656 5-8231 servos and case $1349.95




    NEW!    Synthesized Radio System 


JR Radio Z1I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “Lightning can’t strike twice in the same place.” Well, it’s time to rethink that statement, especially with the latest offering from JR: The Z-1. KO Propo and JR have reunited to combine the ergonomics and software from the EX-10 Helios, one of the most popular and user-friendly radios to have hit the scene in some time, and the synthesized module and receiver concepts from JR to create what some might call the perfect marriage. While the Helios and the Z-1 may look similar, there were several key changes and improvements made before the JR name would find its way onto the new JR Z-1.

Module and Receiver:

RS310 ReceiverWhen the XS3 transmitter was released, one of if not the most unique features was its 100% crystal-less design. While there were other “conversion kits” that you could purchase to be completely crystal-free, this was the first radio setup to come straight from the factory that was synthesized. As time went on, the XS3 was upgraded to Pro status, at that time also introducing the smaller RS310 synthesized receiver. Well the RS310 has found itself a new home, and is included as standard equipment with the Z-1. But you can’t just have a synthesized receiver, so an all-new module was developed for the Z-1 to unlock the final piece in the crystal-less puzzle. In all, you will have thirty frequencies available at the turn of a dial. Talk about easy.

Easy Menu Access:

Many radios on the market have a ton of bells and whistles, but if you can’t get to them, don’t know how to change them, or don’t know what a feature does, all the extra gadgets are worthless. While the Z-1 has a ton of features and adjustability, getting to them and making changes is an absolute breeze. The

Z-1 features a handy jog-dial to maneuver through your menus. The large dial just to the right of the wheel makes moving through your menu options a snap, but if that’s not your style the + and – keys allow you to manipulate around the menus as well. Once you have the feature you wish to adjust highlighted, all you need to do is press the “Enter” key, and you are in the sub-menu you desire. Talk about intuitive.

Innovative Functions:

Innovative FunctionsIf this radio were all about the synthesized capabilities, we could just stop here. But as we all know, there’s a lot more under the sun. From basic options such as the 9-model memory and the gorgeous backlit display, to more advanced features such as ABS (anti-lock braking system), throttle and steering curves, punch, speed, and more, the Z-1 can truly help you get dialed in to almost any situation. And speaking of dialed in, you can make speed controller and servo adjustments from your pit area with the optional DSC cable (JRPA134) without having to worry about whether someone else might be on your frequency. Talk about smart.

Awesome Add-Ons

Awesome Add-Ons

Awesome Add-Ons:

Much like its KO cousin, the JR Z-1 can use many of the same upgrades and optional components. Drop-down wheels have become the rage among many racers, and the optional Multi-Angle Wheel Extension (KOP17004) is a direct bolt-on item for the Z-1. This option not only lowers the wheel height, but it also allows you to swing the wheel in or out to really fine-tune the comfort level for any specific user. Want to add some flair to your Z-1? You have that option too with the Red (KOP16121) or Blue (KOP16132) colored grip pads. And don’t forget about the optional software and cables (KOP61001) that really unlock much of the Z-1’s versatility. With the data cables and included software it is possible for you to connect the Z-1 to your computer to back up settings, store additional profiles, and even customize different alerts and tones on your Z-1. Talk about personalization.

3-Year WarrantyUnbeatable Support:

Some companies think a 30-day warranty is pretty good. Others will extend that out to 90 days. JR isn’t fooling around, that’s why the Z-1 is backed by a full 3-Year warranty. If you ever have a warranty issue with your Z-1, simply send it into the JR Service center with a copy of your receipt and you are covered. No other company in the industry offers this level of post-purchase support. Talk about common sense.

When it comes to the serious racer, nothing but the best will do. It was with that in mind that JR once again set their sights on being at the absolute pinnacle of performance. Whether you are talking about a radio that is easy to use, smartly designed, has an industry best 3-Year warranty, that you can personalize, or one of the most intuitive radios you can find, it seems like everyone will soon be talking about the new JR Z-1.



Spektrum DX3  World's 1st DSM 2.4Ghz Radio!

SPM2030  MAP $249.99

Call for a VERY Special


DX3 DSM 3Ch Pistol w/ 1-Z270 Sx & 1-Z590 Sx


Spektrum DSM 3ch. Surface System

Calling Spektrum's DSM System 'revolutionary' just doesn't say it.

DSM is nothing less than a quantum leap in RC technology that will change forever how you communicate with your car or truck.

What is DSM?

DSM is Digital Spectrum Modulation—a purely digital RF link between transmitter and model that is based on Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum technology. It operates within the ultra-high 2.4GHz worldwide ISM band, provides unequalled signal resolution, and is immune to the most common forms of RF interference. It will even allow your model to “talk” back to you. It requires no crystals and completely frees you from ever having to monitor frequency usage again. Best of all, with Spektrum’s DSM System you can literally plug this phenomenal technology into existing transmitters from JR, Airtronics, Futaba, Hitec and KO Propo.


The DSM System

The DSM System consists of a transmitter module and 3-channel receiver. Four versions of the system are available that include modules designed specifically for use with JR, KO, Futaba/Hitec or Airtronics 3-channel, module-based transmitters. No crystals or complex modifications are required. Just buy the DSM System for your transmitter, plug in the DSM module and install the lightweight DSM receiver in your car. All that’s left to do is spend a few seconds “binding” the receiver to the module and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.


The Spektrum DSM System provides an impenetrable digital RF link between a racer and his car that is impervious to all types of interference, including other radio systems, model generated interference or environmental interference from pagers, cell phones, etc.


Collision Avoidance- The DSM system scans the 2.4Ghz band looking for an open channel. When an unused channel is found the system locks on that channel and transmits providing the following benefits:

- No more waiting for an open frequency 
- No need to impound the radio 
- Eliminates the need for a frequency board and frequency clips 
- Interference for other radios is a thing of the past 
- No crystals are needed

· 2.4ghz worldwide band is approved for international use. No need to change frequencies when traveling abroad

· Built-in failsafe drives the servos to a preset position (usually full brakes) in the unlikely event of radio interference

· The DSM system literally plugs into popular module based 3-channel transmitters allowing most racers to convert to DSM technology right away.

· Short 8" receiver antenna is easy to mount

· The soon-to-be-released DSM telemetry module will allow real time monitoring of head temperature, rpm, speed, battery voltage, lap time, etc.

· No maintenance or tuning required (always stays in tune)

· Up to 79 users can simultaneously operate DSM systems


Spektrum Specifications

Type: Spread Spectrum
# of Channels: 3
Modulation: DSM
Band: 2.4 GHz
Dimensions: 1.62x 1.06x.57"/ 41.2x 27.0x 15.3mm
Weight: .40 oz./ 11.3 grams
Voltage Range: 3.2- 9.6V
Sensitivity: -98 dBm BER 1E-3
Antenna Length: 8.5 in




Parts & Accessories


SR3000 DSM 3 Channel Receiver: SurfaceSPM1200 DSM 3 CH Receiver MAP $79.99


Type: Spread Spectrum
# of Channels: 3
Modulation: DSM
Band: 2.4 GHz
Dimensions: 1.62x 1.06x.57"/ 41.2x 27.0x 15.3mm
Weight: .40 oz./ 11.3 grams
Voltage Range: 3.2- 9.6V
Sensitivity: -98 dBm BER 1E-3
Antenna Length: 8.5 in


SM1000 DSM Module: Surface, FUT/HRC


SPM1104 DSM Tx - Module Futaba / Hitec MAP




DSM 3 Channel Surface System: FUT/HRC

SPM1004 Rx - Tx Module Futaba / Hitec MAP $159.99





XR2i JRP234227 TX with W-1-Z590M and 1-Z270 servos (27mhz) $89.99

JRP234275 TX with W-1-Z590M and 1-Z270 servos (75mhz) $89.99


2 channel 2 model memory with digital trims.

XR3i JRP334227 TX with W-1-Z590M and 1-Z270 servos (27mhz) $169.99

JRP334275 TX with W-1-Z590M and 1-Z270 servos (75mhz) $169.99


3 channel 3model memory with digital trims.


XS3 JRP317227 Synth  TX with W-1-Z590M and 1-Z270 servos (27mhz) $239.99

JRP317275 Synth TX with W-1-Z590M and 1-Z270 servos (75mhz) $239.99


3 channel FM Synthesized 6 model memory with digital trims.

XS3 Pro  JRP337275 Synth  TX with W-1-Z590M and 1-Z270 servos (27mhz) $249.99










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