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HPI Savage 25 Limited Edition with 3-Speed

Special Intro Price $489.99

HPI Savage 25 Limited Edition RTR with 3 Speed

HPI Racing is proud to announce a new RTR Savage 25 Limited Edition monster truck! This Limited Edition Savage comes with several of the most popular upgrade parts pre-installed. The big news is that the popular 3-speed transmission comes pre-installed for more punch and more top speed. The 3-speed tranny not only shifts 3 times for improved power and efficiency, but it also is beefed up internally for improved durability and longer maintenance intervals. Plus, there's the added "cool factor" of hearing the truck shift an extra time.

To extract the most out of the S-25 engine we added a polished aluminum dual chamber tuned pipe, delivering a smooth and wide power band for excellent drivability. The polished aluminum body dissipates heat more efficiently than the stock plastic pipe, and also gives the truck a custom look with its shiny surface and laser-etched HPI Racing logo. For extra tuning choices, the truck comes standard with 15T/49T gearing and we include optional 19T and 49T gears that give 4 different gear ratio combinations to choose from so that owners can dial in the gearing for optimum performance.

To help stop the truck from high speeds, dual stainless steel drilled disc brakes are standard equipment. With twice the surface area of the stock brakes, the dual discs give the truck the ability to stop time after time with no brake fade. And, peak braking is now high enough to do stunts like "brakies" on command. The cross-drilled stainless rotors are also more durable and provide improved braking in extreme driving conditions like mud, sand and water.

To make the Savage Limited Edition look great we added shiny chrome 6 spoke wheels and a special metallic blue/silver/graphite paint job for the GT-1 body. Standard rubber is our grippy Dirt Bonz tires that not only look great, but also give the truck incredible handling and performance for off-road driving. At nearly 40% lighter than the stock tires, the Dirt Bonz deliver quicker acceleration, more grip and faster lap times on the race track. All of the latest Savage upgrades are pre-installed: Cam-type servo saver for more accurate and responsive steering, 4-gear diffs for extra durability, improved throttle and brake linkage, rear tie-rod washers, 3 shoe clutch for quick acceleration, and our new high performance air filter to help protect the engine from dirt and dust.

And the legendary Savage "Proven Tough" parts are standard equipment: Aluminum alloy TVP chassis plates, tough reinforced nylon suspension arms, front and rear impact bumpers, alloy roll hoop, 8 long stroke oil-filled shocks, stainless steel hinge pins, and full-time four wheel drive make the Savage one of the toughest Monster Trucks ever. Power comes from the proven S-25 engine that features a billet aluminum heat sink head for extra cooling, dual bushing aluminum connecting rod, true ABC chrome sleeve construction for long engine life, a composite body for better performance at higher temperatures, and a simplified dual needle 7mm slide carburetor for easier tuning. The electronic Roto Start engine starting system is included, making starting the engine as simple as pressing a button. The combination of the S-25 engine, 3-speed tranny and tuned pipe give this Limited Edition truck plenty of power for hours and hours exciting off-road driving.

The Savage 25 comes completely factory assembled; everything is done for the customer - even the tires are glued to the wheels. The body is completely ready to go right out of the box. It's painted, trimmed and decaled to look exactly like the truck on the front of the Savage Limited Edition box. In less than 15 minutes customers can be driving their Savage 25 trucks! As always, this Savage is compatible with a huge amount of tuning and hop-up options from HPI and a wide variety of aftermarket manufacturers, making it infinitely adjustable for owners who like to customize their trucks. 

Savage 25 Limited Edition Features:

*  Adjustable 3 speed transmission with heavy-duty metal internal 
*  Polished aluminum dual chamber tuned pipe
*  Dual stainless steel drilled disc brakes
*  Chrome 6 spoke wheels
*  Dirt Bonz tires (with inner foam)
*  Cam type servo saver
*  Optional gearing (15T, 19T, 47T, 49T gears included)
*  4-gear differentials (front and rear)
*  Pre-painted trimmed GT-1 truck body in all-new colors with Savage 25 decals applied
*  Rear tie-rod washers
*  Nitro Star S-25 engine (ABC) with slide carburetor
*  Purple anodized, billet aluminum heat sink engine head
*  Roto Start System installed!
*  Aluminum high flow tube rear exhaust header
*  Stiff black shock springs
*  Rear pick-up 160cc fuel tank with no primer
*  Three-shoe clutch
*  Revised wheel hex hubs
*  Giant 1/8th scale (16.8" x 21")
*  Factory assembled
*  Full-time shaft driven four wheel drive
*  Complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings
*  TF-4 radio system with high torque steering servo
*  Cast aluminum heavy-duty engine mount
*  Heavy-duty drive train and suspension optimized for big-block engines
*  Hardened metal differential gears
*  Adjustable slipper clutch
*  Adjustable disc brake
*  Wide-track suspension (nearly 17 inches wide!)
*  Stainless steel inboard hinge pins with anodized aluminum braces
*  8 long stroke oil-filled coil over shock absorbers
*  Rigid aluminum TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates)
*  Enclosed radio box for protection of electronics
*  Front and rear skid plate bumpers
*  Adjustable body posts (with extra mount for SUV bodies)

*Compatible with T-Maxx bodies
*Compatible with T-Maxx wheels
*Compatible with T-Maxx tires

Optional reverse module for transmission (using the 3rd channel of the TF-4 radio system)















The HPI Savage 21 truck has a unique chassis design. The Twin Vertical Plate chassis had 2 chassis plates oriented on edge with the "guts" of the  Savage RC truck sandwiched in between.  This new chassis approach was very different than the simple single horizontal chassis plate that was so common up to this point.  The HPI Savage 21 offered a big block 21BB .21 nitro engine that was rated at 2.3 HP.  Eight (8) LONG oil filled shocks cushioned the ride and provided massive amounts of wheel travel.  A 2 speed auto shifting transmission provided good acceleration and good top speed.  The Savage 21 came with a high quality 3 channel radio system already installed.  The 3rd channel was reserved for the optional reverse module which could be purchased separately and installed in the Savage RC truck along with a 3rd servo.  The HPI Savage 21 was an instant success.  HPI's strong reputation for quality products and outstanding customer support - along with the great features of the Savage 21 - made it easy for people to like the HPI Savage 21 RTR package.  











Airtronics SPORT Radio

Adjustable Aluminum Shocks

Full Sealed Ball Bearing Set

Hardened and Coated Steel Gears

Heavy Duty Metal Gear Steering Servo

Huge 270 cc Flip-Top Fuel Tank

Massive Dual Disk Brake

Massive pre-mounted 6.75" tires on hardened chrome rims

Multi –Piece easy-carry Rollbar

Performance Aluminum Silencer

Pre-cut Body and Decal Set

.27 Competition Engine w/pullstart

2-speed Automatic Transmission

3-Shoe Truck Racing Clutch

6061-T6 Aluminum Chassis Plates

Completely Pre-assembled and Ready to Race!










Airtronics SPORT Radio
Airtronics 8 KG Metal Gear High Torque Servo
Competition .21 Engine w/Pullstart
Front & Rear Sway Bars
Hardened, CNC Machined Gears
Lightweight Machined Chassis
Machined Aluminum Chassis Braces
Quad-disc Brakes
Splash Guard
Strengthened Differential Assembly
Threaded Adjustable Performance Shocks
3-Shoe Racing Clutch
6 Hardened Chrome CV-Joints
26 Precision Sealed Ball Bearings
Completely Pre-assembled and Ready to Race!
Note: Body offered in either yellow or orange.





No other nitro-powered R/C truck in the world can match the winning record of the RC10 GT. Now it's easier than ever to experience the power and sensations of nitro off-road trucking with the  RC10 GT RTR Plus, the first pre-assembled nitro kit ever offered by Team Associated. The entry-level RC10 GT RTR Plus comes complete with a high-quality 2-channel radio, fully installed, and requires only fuel and AA batteries for operation! ALL THE FEATURES. The GT RTR Plus features a heavy-duty alloy chassis that virtually eliminates chassis flex problems. Also included is the powerful Team Associated .15 engine, which produces massive horsepower and has proven to be one of the most reliable, tunable power plants. The GT RTR Plus comes with all the features that have made the GT the industry standard; Stealth transmission, tuned pipe and manifold, oil-filled blue-anodized shocks, molded composite suspension arms, fully adjustable caster, camber, shock position, and wheelbase, flip-top quick-fill fuel tank, and easy-to-use recoil pull starter. FULLY UPGRADEABLE.
Included is the track-proven .15 ABC engine with recoil pull starter, true racing 90 degree ports, which produces massive horsepower.  Includes rotary carb, air filter elements and glow plug. This truck is ready to upgrade when you are!  




We have released the 9.5 MBX 1/8th scale buggy. The 9.5 MBX gives you all the good stuff you want from a pro level kit in RTR form. This kit includes pivot-ball suspension.




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