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Manufacturer: PROBOAT
Boats (RTR), Electric
Part Number: PRB2100

Product Name: Classic Runabout
Price: MAP $259.99

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SunDancer RTR w/Python & ESC 27MHz


One look at ProBoat's new ready-to-run Sun Dancer Electric Yacht and it's clear this elegant cruiser was built for one thing-fun!

JR Radio System
Water proof ESC
550 size motor
Length: 25 in
Beam: 8 in
Motor Size: 550
Radio: JR Python
Speed Control: ESC
One look at ProBoat's new ready-to-run Sun Dancer Electric Yacht and it's clear this elegant cruiser was built for one thing-fun! The sleek lines of its scale hull, complete with preapplied trim scheme and metal handrails on the deck, just scream, "Let's play!"

The Sun Dancer comes 100% ready-to-run with radio. The only extras needed are 8 "AA" batteries for the JR® Python pistol grip transmitter, a 7.2V Ni-Cd battery pack, and a quick charger. Just pop in the batteries, slap on the decals, and you're ready to cruise. It's that easy.

Once it's on the water and underway, the Sun Dancer's hull keeps components nice and dry as it smoothly slices through the water. We had several folks drop by while we were testing the boat at a local lake, and they all commented on how great the boat looked running on the water. The metal railings are an especially nice touch. The boat handles wonderfully too, completing full speed turns in about an 8-foot radius.

The Sun Dancer is propelled by a 550 electric motor turning a shaft-driven prop. Power to the motor is regulated by a forward-only electronic speed controller, which provides precise proportional throttle control. With a standard 6-cell sport pack, we found we could run for 6 minutes. A 7-cell pack yielded a little more speed at full throttle but shortened run time by about a minute. We'd recommend sticking with the less expensive 6-cell packs since the speed increase with 7-cells simply wasn't worth the shortened run time.

For anyone who has dreamed of owning their own boat, ProBoat's Sun Dancer is an easy and fun way to "live large" on a small scale. It's perfect for young and old alike and looks fantastic on the water. Treat yourself to a little sun n' fun this summer and pick up a Sun Dancer at your local hobby shop.

Some of our Sun Dancer RTR boats (PRB2100) have experienced radio range problems regarding the interaction of the electronic speed controllers (ESC) and the receiver. We have tested and determined the most conventional solution is to simply by-pass the BEC function of the ESC, and instead power the receiver with four AA alkaline batteries, contained in a dry cell battery box (JRPA020), and using switch harness (JRPA011).To avoid any expense in making this adjustment, we will have the switch harness and dry cell battery holder available to you at no cost by contacting the Horizon Service Center at 877-504-0233. Detailed instructions will be included with the conversion components. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your continued support of Horizon brand products!

Attractive display stand and decal sheet included
2-stick FM radio system with proportional throttle and steering
Authentic barrel-back design
Highly detailed hull, dashboard, interior and more
Real Wood trim layered on a fiberglass hull
No assembly required
29 inch electric-powered boat